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For sale by owner tips

One of the areas that can cause individuals trying to sell their own home the most grief is the negotiating and closing process. As an experienced REALTOR¢î, I have successfully negotiated more home sales than I can count over the years, and I have some tips for you.

Before you talk to any prospective buyer, know what to say, what not to say, and be prepared for potential questions.

If a prospect calls while you¡Çre at work or away from the phone, learn how to call them back without placing yourself in a poor bargaining position.

Determine the motivation of the buyer, as the buyer¡Çs motivation will dictate how you negotiate.

Make sure you¡Çre talking to a qualified buyer and not someone who can¡Çt afford your home.

Employ the appropriate voice and demeanor for every situation.

Don¡Çt take things personally, even if the prospective buyer talks about tearing out the wall of your favorite room.

Know how to react to offers and make appropriate counteroffers.

Make sure you understand every step of the sales process from initial offer to closing. Real estate transactions are complex, and any misstep could cost you the sale.

Much of what makes a good negotiator is based on temperament, intuition, and experience, which are not things you can do much about during the course of one home sale. But successful negotiating also depends on preparation and knowledge. If you familiarize yourself with the fine points of what I¡Çve outlined above, you¡Çll greatly improve your chances of getting the best possible price for your home. And should you decide, at any time, that you could benefit from the expertise and skills of a REALTOR¢î with a proven track record of success, I¡Çm only a phone call away. You can reach me at 786 229 3636.

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